Housing is an essential need when you are in a new community. In this section you will find information about different types of housing, how to look for a place to rent, landlord-tenant relationships and how to buy and finance a house.

Living In Ontario

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What are the monthly living expenses for a family of 3?

Your monthly living expenses depend on many things such as the city you live in, the type of house you have, where you shop, your lifestyle and more.

Living expenses vary from city to city in Canada. Some household spending surveys estimate that the average family will spend C$55,000 - C$65,000 per year.

Different stores charge different prices for food, clothing, and other things you need to live. You may want to ask your relatives, friends, or co-workers where they shop for good prices.

There are also special services or stores in many communities where you can find items for free or a low price.

When looking at monthly expenses, you will want to budget carefully. A budget allows you to manage your money and plan your expenses from month to month. It will help you live within your financial means.

Many community agencies can help you find information about living expenses and budgeting. To find help in your area, call 2-1-1 and talk to a Community Information Centre (1) representative..

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