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Daily Life

Daily life in new country might be similar to your home country or different. This section will help you get familiar with living in Ontario, and give you some idea of what to expect when you arrive.

Health Insurance

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Where can I buy private health insurance for newcomers and visitors to Canada?

In Canada, the government provides basic health care to those who live here and who meet the eligibility requirements. In Ontario, the government-run Ontario Health Insurance Plan pays for many health care services. OHIP coverage usually becomes effective three months after you become a resident of Ontario.

Generally, the coverage you need is for "visitors to Canada". When you are looking into some private health insurance plans, you need to confirm with the insurance company that they have insurance plans for people who do not have OHIP.

Not all health related expenses are covered by private insurance. For example, pregnancy-related costs may not be covered in travel insurance. Make sure that you choose a plan that suits your needs. For some companies you might have to buy insurance within a certain number of days after arriving in Ontario.

Private Insurance Options

To find insurance companies look in the Yellow Pages or check Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) (1) website or contact them at :

In English: 1-800-268-8099

In French: 1-800-361-8070

Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers are an alternative to insurance companies. Brokers represent several different insurance companies and can tell you about your choices. Insurance Brokers do not specifically deal with private health insurance plans.

To find an insurance broker, you can use the yellow pages. (2)

For more information:

(1) Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association:

(2) Yellow Pages: